Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29 - redux

I was surprised to find that my blog was featured on the ESV Bible Blog today, referencing my plans for February 29 Bible Reading. As you may know, I needed to modify my original plans, and now I want to update you as to what actually happened.

First, I was able to listen to all of the Scripture during my drive. Isaiah 53, Psalms 22-24, and the entire Gospel of John. However, I was not able to listen to any of the other material that I placed on the iPod, due to the fact that I had to pick-up two co-workers in Santa Fe, and they wanted to discuss business matters going and coming from our meetings in Las Vegas, NM.

However, what was extraordinary was the timing of the Scripture readings. I started the iPod as I pulled out of my office parking lot, and finished John 21 within 1/4 mile of my office on my return trip. In other words, if you ever want to listen to Scripture while making a round trip between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, my selections fit perfectly!

The more that I listen to Max McLean, the more I appreciate his ministry. His readings are pleasant, unrushed, and reflective. It is amazing how listening to Scripture impacts you in a different way from reading the words from a page. The pace allowed me to capture the message and let it sink in. Even though I was concentrating on traffic I was still able to pay attention to the Biblical message. As a result, I will probably take more opportunities to listen to Scripture while driving.

While today didn't become quite the "Day of Jubilee" that I originally envisioned, due to work demands, it did have some "redeemed" time that would not be part of my normal schedule.

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