Wednesday, January 30, 2008

February 29 Bible Reading - Leap Year

For the past two years I have been using the ESV Daily Reading Bible for my daily devotional reading. Each day includes readings from the Old Testament, the Psalms, and the New Testament. Following this plan you read through the Psalms and New Testament twice each year, and the balance of the Old Testament once each year.

This is a great plan, but it doesn't address what to do on February 29th. This is not unique, even long established plans like the M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan fail to address this situation.

Fortunately for me, February 29th falls on a Friday this year, which is my normal day off from my secular job. As a result, I can devote that day to the Lord's glory as a "Day of Jubilee". The current plan (subject to change) is to engage in the following readings:

The entire Gospel of John.

Psalms 22, 23, and 24. (The trilogy of Suffering Servant, Good Shepherd, and Glorious King.)

Isaiah 53.

As you can see, this plan is fully Christocentric. It is my prayer that Christ be at the center of my life, not only on February 29th, but each and every day.

What is your plan for this extra day?

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