Monday, January 28, 2008

Dying Alone

Dr. R. Albert Mohler shares some troubling information today on the tragic impact of our throw away culture. He points out that one of the results of divorce is the tendency for relationships between grown children of divorce and their parents to grow cold and distant. As a result, there is a lessening sense of responsibility towards parents as they grow old and feeble.

Knowing that a great number of divorces occur due to selfishness ("I need a new partner", "She doesn't satisfy me anymore", etc.), isn't it ironic that one of the results is abandonment and loss.

We truly reap what we sow.

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Bob said...

Divorce is the symptom -- egocentricity is the disease. And it's a disease that's far too easily passed on to ones kids.

How far we wander from Calvary where we saw what it is to lay down ones life for His bride.