Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moment of Truth?

While reading a post on the longevity of Richard Sibbes' "The Bruised Reed", I found dec's comment to be thought provoking. In response to Timmy's question as to whether we will discuss our reading in heaven, he said: Good question. Do you think we’ll be discussing Fox’s “The Moment of Truth” or Sibbes’ “The Bruised Reed”?

We might think that the answer is apparent, but I am not so sure. If we spend any time discussing "The Moment of Truth", it will probably be for reasons other than it's merit. I think that we can see human depravity at its very worse in this show.

First, let me confess that I saw 15-20 minutes of that show. I think that I will see if Fox can't give me that 15-20 minutes of my life back. For those who haven't experienced the torment, let me fill you in on the premise of this show. Contestants are strapped to a lie detector, and then answer a series of increasingly embarrassing questions in order to win money. If the lie detector indicates deceit they go home empty handed. Colleagues and loved ones are on the platform during this exercise in order to add to the pressure and shame.

From what I saw, the contestant struggled with the questions, wondering just how far he could go without tripping off the lie detector. This was for the princely sum of $10,000, not exactly "big money". I saw that the board went all the way to $500,000, but based on the nature of the 10 grand questions I can only wonder if the only appropriate question for that level is "Would you sell your soul to the Devil for a 1/2 million dollars?'.

Yet, whether that question is ever reached, it appears that this is exactly what is happening. Am I willing to expose myself to ridicule and shame for filthy lucre? Just how far can I go before I am caught in my deceit? Am I willing to sacrifice my friends, my loved ones, and my reputation for a quick buck?

If this show lasts more than a couple of episodes it will be a sad indicator as to how low we can go in the name of entertainment.

Yes, we might discuss "The Moment of Truth" in eternity to come, but only as a way of recognizing the deceitful nature of our fallen hearts and the great redemption found in Christ Jesus.

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