Monday, January 14, 2008

Puritan Reading, Bruised Reed - Chapter 10

Quench Not the Spirit

This is the longest chapter we have encountered to date, as Sibbes lists nine ways that we can quench the Spirit and deny Christ. They are:

False despair of Christ's mercy -Do I consider myself to be too bad to merit Christ?

False hope of Christ's mercy -Do I wish to continue on the path to hell, thinking that Christ will overlook my rebellion?

Resisting Christ's mercy -Do I continually throw water on the sparks that Christ desires to plant in me?

Presuming on Christ's mercy - Sibbes says it best: If we are negligent in the exercise of grace received and the use of the means prescribed, suffering our spirits to be oppressed with many and various cares of this life, and take not heed of the discouragements of the times, for this kind of neglect God in his wise care suffers us often to fall into a worse condition in our feelings than those that were never so much enlightened. (pg. 70)

Seeking another source of mercy - Sibbes again: What need do we have to knock at any other door? Can any be more tender over us than Christ? (pg. 72)

Mistreating the heirs of mercy -Do I think that I can love Christ and at the same time mistreat His bride?

Strife among the heirs of mercy - Do I consider my pride and standing to be of greater importance than harmony within the Body?

Taking advantage of the bruised -Do I lay heavy burdens in the name of religion?

Despising the simple means of mercy - Am I ashamed of the simplicity of the Gospel?

Take care not to quench the Spirit.


ForHisSake said...

Just wanted to let you know what a blessing your "recaps" on Sibbes have been. Thank you for your time and effort in that regard.

As I read, I've been highlighting and tagging pages, but have not yet put anything down in writing. Your recaps seem to match most of my highlights, so I will have less typing to do when I finally get around to making my journal entries on this book.

Blessings to you - In Christ and
For His Sake

Jerry said...

Thanks for your kind words. I started this primarily to focus my own thoughts on my reading, but if it is helpful to others that is a bonus.