Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mystery of Providence - Chapter 10b

Another handful of jewels from Chapter Ten:

There are five things belonging to the praise of God, and all of them have relation to His providences exercised about us:
(i) A careful observation of the mercies we receive from Him (Isa. 41. 17-20). This is fundamental to all praise. God cannot be glorified for the mercies we never noted.
(ii) A faithful remembrance of the favours received. 'Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits' (Ps. 103. 2). Hence the Lord brands the ingratitude of His people, 'They soon forgat his works' (Ps. 106. 13).
(iii) A due appreciation and valuation of every providence that does us good (I Sam. 12. 24). That providence that fed them in the wilderness with manna was a most remarkable providence to them; but since they did not value it at its worth, God had not that praise for it which he expected (Num. 11. 6).
(iv) The stirring up of all the faculties and powers of the soul in the acknowledgement of these mercies to us. Thus David: 'Bless the Lord, o my soul; and all that is within me bless his holy name' (Ps. 103. 1). Soul-praise is the very soul of praise: that is the very fat and marrow of that thank-offering.
(v) A suitable recompence for the mercies received. This David was careful about (Ps. 116. 1). And the Lord taxes good Hezekiah for the neglect of it (2 Chron. 32. 24, 25). This consists in a full and hearty resignation to Him, and in our willingness actually to part with all for Him when He shall require it.
(pg. 158-159)

Do we observe His mercies, remember His favors, appreciate His provision, stir up our souls in praise, and offer recompence for what we receive from His bountiful hand?

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