Friday, February 15, 2008

Mystery of Providence - Chapter Eight

The Duty of Meditation on Providence

In a word, men can never order their addresses to God in prayer, suitable to their conditions, without due observation of His providences. Your prayers are to be suitable to your conditions: sometimes we are called to praise, sometimes to humiliation. In the way of His judgments you are to wait for Him (Isa. 26. 8), to prepare to meet him (Zeph. 2. 1, 2; Amos 4. 12). Sometimes your business is to turn away His anger which you see approaching, and sometimes you are called to praise Him for mercies received (Isa. 12. 1, 2), but then you must first observe them. (pg. 116)

How can we praise God if we are unaware of His marvelous works?

How can we pray to God if we are ignorant of His abilities?

Flavel, in a very few words, points out to us our responsibility to meditate upon the works of Providence. This is a holy mandate, required of us by His Word. As I have been reading this book I have been constantly reminded of His hand of Providence in my life, as demonstrated in some of my earlier posts. Yet, for every incident that I have recorded in this blog, there are scores of others that have come to mind.

He is a great and mighty God. He demonstrates His love and care in all that He does in shaping my destiny. To Him alone belong worship, and glory, and honor, and praise, and thanksgiving.

To God be the glory, great things He has done.

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