Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mystery of Providence - Chapter Eleven

Practical Implications for the Saints

Following Chapter 10, one of the longer chapters in the book, we come across one of the shorter, totaling not quite four pages. Yet, we find considerable meat in these few words. I guess that we could call if the "fruit rollup" chapter.

Here is a juicy morsel for you to chew on:

Does God perform all things for His people? Do not distrust Him then when new or great difficulties arise. Why should you think He that has done so many things for you will now do no more? Surely, 'the Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear' (Isa. 59. 1); if anything put a stop to His mercy, it is your iniquities, your distrust and infidelity. 'How long will it be ere you believe him?' If a thousand and ten thousand trials and experiences of His tender care, faithfulness and love will cure this unbelief in you, you have them at hand to do it. If the frequent confutations* of this your distrust by the unexpected breakings-out of mercy for you under like discouragements will cure it, look back and you may see them. Certainly you have been often forced by Providence with shame and repentance to retract your rash censures of His care; and yet will you fall into the same unbelieving state again? O that you would once learn this great truth, that no man ever lacked that mercy which he did not lack a heart to trust and wait quietly upon God for. You never yet sought God in vain, except when you sought Him vainly. (pg. 182-183)

* Confutation - Those things which are overwhelming in argument.

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