Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two days, two funerals

Today, thousands will gather and millions will watch as celebrities glorify Micheal Jackson.

"As long as we remember him, he will always be there to comfort us." - 'Pastor' Lucious W. Smith of the Friendship Baptist Church in Pasadena.

"Michael made us love each other. Michael taught us to stand with each other" - 'Rev.' Al Sharpton.

Tomorrow, hundreds will gather to glorify God.

"My body has betrayed me and I have no control. When I am lying in bed, I can do none of the things that I mistakenly think give me value or purpose. I can’t take care of my kids. I can’t make a meal for my husband. I can’t work to make money. Clinging to Him is all I can do. He is my comfort. He is my strength. He is the one who can heal me. He is my hope that things will be better. He is the one who will bring good from my suffering. It’s not bravery. It’s desperation. And it’s exactly where I should be. Clinging.

Sometimes when I think about Jesus coming back, I imagine I am suddenly 7 years old running towards him and throwing my arms around his waist. As he reaches down to embrace me, I hear him say, “Well done, daughter. Welcome home.”

And so I cling." - Rachel Barkey, September 19, 2004

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