Friday, July 3, 2009

Maybe she just wants to be a Mom

At the time of this writing, Google shows 9,621 news items about Sarah Palin for the past hour. I also heard about an hour's worth of TV news coverage of her resignation. All of the talking heads and pundits seem to be trying to figure out what she is up to. Will this help/hurt her in a Presidential run in 2012? In 2016? Has she committed political suicide? Will she spend the next two years writing a book/boning up on foreign affairs/raising money/ building support/etc? Was she run out of office by the criticism/family attacks/ethics complaints/etc? Is there some deep dark secret or scandal that she is trying to keep from coming to light? I actually heard one joke that possibly she had recently been to Argentina (!?!)

Maybe, just maybe, she is resigning so that she can be Mom. Maybe she recognizes that the most important task she will ever have is to invest herself in the lives of her children. Maybe she really does have her priorities straight.

If so, then she has my renewed respect.

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