Sunday, March 16, 2008

Godly Man's Picture - Patience

Some "patience pellets":

Why should we not wait patiently for God? We are servants; it becomes servants to be in a waiting posture. We wait for everything else; we wait for the fire till it burns; we wait for the seed till it grows (Jas. 5:7). Why cannot we wait for God? God has waited for us (Isa. 30:18). Did he not wait for our repentance? How often did he come year after year before he found fruit? Did God wait for us, and cannot we wait for him? A godly man is content to wait God's leisure; though the vision is delayed, he will wait for it (Hab. 2:3). (pg. 119)

Patience is not: Discontent, which is a sullen, dogged mood. When a man is not angry at his sins, but at his condition, this is different from patience. Discontent is the daughter of pride. (pg. 120)

A godly man subscribes to God's wisdom and submits to his will. He says not only, 'Good is the word of the Lord' (Isa 39:8), but 'Good is the rod of the Lord'. (pg. 120)

God sometimes lays various afflictions on the saints: 'he multiplieth my wounds' (Job 9:17). As we have various ways of sinning, so the Lord has various ways of afflicting. Some he deprives of their estates; others he chains to a sick bed; others he confines to a prison. God has various arrows in his quiver which he shoots. (pg. 124)

Question: How shall I get my heart tuned to a patient mood?
Answer: Get faith; all our impatience proceeds from unbelief. Faith is the breeder of patience. When a storm of passion begins to arise, faith says to the heart, as Christ did to the sea, 'Peace, be still', and there is at once a calm. (pg. 127)

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