Friday, March 7, 2008

Godly Man's Picture - Our View of Sin

As I have stated previously, it would be near to impossible to follow all of the "pellets" that Watson delivers with his "scattergun" approach in this book. However, it is important that we dig out some of the most important points. What follows is a short statement on why our sin should drive us to disgust and weeping:

The sin of a justified person is very odious...because he acts contrary to his own principles. He sins not only against the rule, but against his principles, against his knowledge, vows, prayers, hopes, experiences. He knows how dear sin will cost him, yet he adventures upon the forbidden fruit. ( pg. 57)

The Apostle Paul felt this way (Romans Chapter Seven), and so should we. Our sin should be "odious" to us, not only because it is unlawful, but due to the fact that it violates all that we are.

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