Thursday, March 6, 2008

Godly Man's Picture - Baseball Thoughts

My wife and I just returned from a quick trip to Arizona. We left Albuquerque after church on Sunday afternoon, and returned yesterday in order to lead a Wednesday evening Bible study.

Since our son lives in Sierra Vista we take an opportunity each year to visit him during Baseball Spring Training. This year, due to the fact that he had accumulated a huge number of bonus points as a result of his work, we stayed in a Marriot suite in Tucson. We had a very enjoyable day on Monday at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum, and then drove up to Mesa on Tuesday to attend a Brewers vs. Cubs game at HoHoKam Park. My son is a rabid Cubs fan*, but he watched his team lose in the 10th inning at their home park. Even though we had to drive back home yesterday, he attended the Cubs vs. Diamondbacks game at Tucson Electric Park, and saw his beloved Cubs lose to my D-Backs. I guess that the "rebuilding century" might not be over yet.

Even though we were traveling and busy I made it a point to keep up with my devotional reading, including Thomas Watson's The Godly Man's Picture. As I noted previously, this is going to be a difficult book to blog. This is not due to the fact that there is nothing to note, but rather that Watson's "shotgun" approach sends you scurrying after the pellets that he shoots all over the landscape. There is also a feeling that you are only getting the "Cliff's Notes" version of what Watson was thinking, since the book is structured in outline form. I have a feeling that what we have in our hands are basically his sermon notes, and that he filled in many sections orally for his audience.

Yet, amongst the "pellets" some of them are more valuable than ordinary lead. For example: It is more honour to serve God than to have kings serve us. (pg. 41) This one is a golden BB, and jumped out of the page at me. It reminds us just how backward the world is compared to the Kingdom of Heaven. While men strive to be served, and to be served by a "better class" of servants, the Christian is to serve God, and to recognize that this is a great privilege. How honored we are to come into His presence and offer our praise and service to Him.

Do we seek service from men or service to God? The latter has more honor.

(*You try to raise your children right, but then WGN comes along and corrupts them.)


Bob said...

The Cubs aren't such a bad cult, not really.

Jules said...

Your son is actually a very smart guy. God bless WGN and go Cubbies!

Jerry said...


Sounds like you and my son might be a match made in Heaven!

If you weren't committed to singleness I would be tempted to give you his phone number.