Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sure Guide to Heaven - Soundly Converted and Hating Sin

In this age of "easy believism" and "decisional regeneration" it is important that we consider what true, Biblical, Holy Spirit led, new birth, conversion really looks like.

One of the marks of true conversion, as demonstrated by Joseph Alleine in A Sure Guide to Heaven, is an aversion to and repulsion of sin:

The sound convert is heartily engaged against sin. He struggles with it, he wars against it; he is too often foiled—but he will never yield the cause, nor lay down the weapons, while he has breath in his body. He will make no peace; he will give no quarter. He can forgive his other enemies, he can pity them and pray for them; but here he is implacable, here he is set upon their extermination. He hunts as it were for the precious life; his eye shall not pity, his hand shall not spare, though it be a right hand or a right eye. Be it a gainful sin, most delightful to his nature or the support of his esteem with worldly friends—yet he will rather throw his gain down into the gutter, see his credit fail, or the flower of his pleasure wither in his hand—than he will allow himself in any known way of sin. He will grant no indulgence, he will give no toleration. He draws upon sin wherever he meets it, and frowns upon it with this unwelcome salute, 'Have I found you, O my enemy!' ( pg. 38-39)

Do we fight sin even when our worldly interest would be threatened by the fight?

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