Friday, December 5, 2008

The Reformed Pastor - Conclusion

I am a bit late in posting this final post related to November's reading, but wanted to conclude with a question:

Does anyone know of a source for inexpensive printed copies of Spurgeon's "A Puritan Catechism"?

Baxter made quite an argument for the systematic use of catechisms for the development of healthy believers, and I am certain that he used some form of the Westminster Catechism. However, as a Baptist, there is some content in that document that would be problematic. I believe that this is what led C.H. Spurgeon to publish his catechism for use in Baptist churches.

Searching and other internet vendors shows that this catechism has been printed in the past, but it appears to be out of print at present. If I could find a source to purchase this catechism in booklet form for a couple of bucks each I would order 40 or 50 for immediate use. If nothing like this is available I will probably format the content into a .pdf document, and then get it printed, and probably spiral bound for durability. However, this is probably going to cost somewhere in the order of $5 or more each.

So, if you know of a source, or want to start printing an inexpensive version, or just want to offer some suggestions for a solution that I have not considered, pleas edrop me a note. Thanks.

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