Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christian's Great Interest - Introduction

Can I say of Christ:

"less cannot satisfy, and more is not desired"? (pg. 52)

If not, why not? Can it be that my interests are misguided, and that I am nothing more than a hypocrite, a false convert in Christian garb?

This month, in William Guthrie's The Christian's Great Interest, we will examine this subject in detail. This little book is important enough that John Owen carried a copy around with him, saying: 'That author I take to be one of the greatest divines that ever wrote. His book is my vade mecum. I carry it always with me. I have written several folios, but there is more divinity in this little book than in them all.' High praise, indeed, but add to it Thomas Chalmers' saying: 'I am on the eve of finishing Guthrie which I think is the best book I ever read.'

"Whom have I in heaven but thee? or whom have I desired on earth beside thee?" (Psalm 73:25)

It is my prayer that this little book will point us more clearly to the One who can satisfy all of our desires.

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