Tuesday, October 21, 2008

(Almost) Like Crack Cocaine

We have been on the road the past week, visiting family in Missouri. On Sunday night we found ourselves in the vicinity of Lambert's Cafe in Ozark. Since we had eaten at the Sikeston Lamberts during a church building trip in 1988 we decided to see if this other location was as memorable as the first.

Recognize that in 1988 the line for the restaurant wrapped twice around the building, and we stood in line with people from five or six states for a little over an hour. This time there wasn't a line, but a sign-up booth. We were told that the wait would be 30-40 minutes, and then found a seat on the porch. In about 25 minutes our name was called, and we were ushered to our table. I had barely warmed my seat when a steaming hot dinner roll was tossed in my direction. I am glad that I was expecting it, due to our prior dining experience, and my heightened reaction time allowed me to make a clean catch. Also, even before our order was taken a nice young person with a bucket full of fried okra came by and deposited some on the paper towels that we ripped off of the roll on our table.

We ordered dinner and coffee, and were very quickly served. The coffee was the hottest that I have ever been served, and came in a 32 oz. insulated mug. The dinner portions were huge, and accompanied by additional servings of okra, macaroni and tomatoes, fried potatoes, and black eyed peas that were circulating through the restaurant. Additionally, the roll thrower was busy tossing them across the aisles.

Towards the end of our meal I had one more roll, and when my wife looked at me askance I told both the young man tossing them and our server that they were like crack cocaine! Of course, my wife then wanted to know how I could make that comparison, and I could only plead that this observation was not grounded in experience, but that they appeared to be as addictive.

If you want to know more, check out the Lambert's website.

I have never been tempted to try crack cocaine, but I know that I would never pass up a Lambert's throwed roll!

Please note that Lambert's Cafe does not take credit cards, but will take a check from anywhere in the country, with proper ID.

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