Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not as crazy as some other ideas floating around

I was home sick on Tuesday, with a 24 hour bug of some type. In between catching up on some reading, and getting a couple of naps, I saw a little bit of Fox News. One item in particular jumped out at me, when Neil Cavuto, in exasperation, made a comment that maybe it would be cheaper and more effective to give every man woman and child $100,000.00 instead of bailing out the industries that have put us in our present mess.

Neil is not alone, here is a template for you to use to petition the president elect to act in a similar way.

Now, I am the first to admit that the whole idea of bailouts, on any level, turns my stomach. Being free means that you are free to fail. Many of America's greatest successes experienced numerous, and character defining, failures prior to hitting it big. However, if we have to have bailouts, why not apply them at the lowest level and let the American people (after all, it is their money) decide which industries get that money.

As I put my mind to it, I see the following happening if every Tom, Dick, Harry, and little Timmy received a clear $100K:

  • GM wouldn't have to worry. They wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand for gold Escalades.
  • The mortgage mess would be fixed, since anyone should be able to dig out of their subprime mess.
  • The liquor industry would zoom (and the associated taxes going into the Treasury).
  • The electronics industry would be back ordered for every imaginable form of video game equipment.
  • "He went to Jared" and cleaned them out of jewelry and "bling".
  • Firearms and ammunition? Bring it on!
  • The smart folks would pay off their debt and invest the rest.
  • Christians would support the work of the Lord.
There might be some downsides though:
  • Drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning cases would significantly increase.
  • Kidnappings may become a regular occurance on this side of the Mexican border ("Hey, that single mom with four kids can certainly afford to pay big bucks to get little Johnny back.")
  • People would expect more after this runs out, and see government as a surrogate for God.
No, this isn't as crazy as some of the other ideas floating around, but that isn't saying much.

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