Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mortification of Sin - Chapter Ten

Seeing Sin for What It Is

After addressing the guilt and the danger of sin, Owen speaks of the present evil on pages 73-75:

Consider the present evils of it. Here are some of the many evils that attend unmortified lust:

i. It grieves the holy and blessed Spirit, Who is given to believers to dwell in them and abide with them.

ii. The Lord Jesus Christ is wounded afresh by it. His new creation in the heart is wounded; his love is foiled, His adversary is gratified.

iii. It will take away a man's usefulness in his generation.

Thus, we must keep in mind the danger of such lust. We must keep alive in our hearts the guilt, danger and evil of it. We should be much in the meditation of these things, and cause the heart and mind to dwell on them. We should engage our thoughts in these considerations. We should not let them go from us until they have a powerful influence upon our souls, and make us tremble.

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