Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mortification of Sin - Chapter Eight

God Requires Universal Obedience

You cannot mortify a specific lust that is troubling you, unless you are seeking to obey the Lord from the heart in all areas! (pg. 49)

If we will do anything, we must do everything. So then, our need is not only an intense opposition to this or that particular lust, but a universal humble frame and temper of heart that watches over every evil, and seeks the performance of every duty that is pleasing to God. (pg. 51)

He who truly and thoroughly seeks to mortify any disquieting lust, must be equally diligent in all parts of obedience. We must see that every lust and every omission of duty is a burden to God. If we do not seek to obey in every area of our lives, our soul becomes weak. If we seek only to have victory over the sin that troubles us, and do not consider the filth and guilt of it, we are selfish and offer a constant provocation to God. There will not be any positive outcome to the spiritual duties we undertake, and we will not gain the victory over this great lust, if we do not seek universal obedience. (pg. 53)

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