Monday, November 23, 2009

Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense

Once again, the dictum of "zero tolerance" is wielded like a clumsy club.

Note that the student was parked off campus.

Note that the school used an "ammunition sniffing" dog to uncover the shotgun. (and to think that they tell us that California has a budget crisis.)

Note that he did nothing wrong.

I want my country back. In High School, not only did we keep our rifles and shotguns in our cars and trucks in the school parking lot (some displayed in open gun racks) so as to hunt before and after school, we were also permitted to check out .22 rifles at the ROTC armory so as to shoot on the 50' indoor range without adult supervision. And to think that none of us ever thought once about shooting up our school.

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ninni said...

common sense and some christianity wouldnt make me axtremist