Friday, September 11, 2009


Toss All Politicians

Effective today I am beginning a new movement to "Toss All Politicians" (TAP).

Our Founding Fathers understood human nature, recognized that government was a necessary evil, and determined that the people should hold their elected representatives accountable. However, over the years we have grown a crop of professional politicians who are more interested in their elected positions than they are in their constituents.

I don't care if they are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, or Independent, if they are a "Politician" instead of a "Representative", then you need to toss them.

How do you know that they are a "Politician"? Here are a few examples:

City Council members who make decisions based upon keeping their posts? Toss 'em!

County Commissioners who get "perks" from developers rather than protecting neighborhoods? Give 'em the boot!

Mayors who wink at corruption instead of guiding their cities? Fire 'em!

State representatives and senators who are more interested in appeasing special interests than on keeping an eye on the taxpayers money? Vote 'em out!

Governors who engage in "pay for play" instead of providing wise leadership? Throw the bums out!

Congressional Representatives and Senators who approve "bridges to nowhere" and "airports with no passengers"? Give 'em the bums rush!

Presidents who violate their oaths of office? Replace them!

Start looking around for people who will put principle before privilege, conscience before connection, and trust before trappings. You may not always agree with them on every issue, but if they are principled and thoughtful then you will be far better off than we are today. Look for those who will listen, engage in honest debate and discussion, and act based upon personal conviction. If you do this, then you won't need to worry about their party affiliation.

As this message is disseminated throughout this land maybe those who agree with me can take up the challenge to TAP. If you find yourself in close proximity to a "Politician" then TAP out a message to them. TAP your feet on the floor, TAP your fingers on the table, or TAP your pen against your palm. Let's remember to TAP, Toss All Politicians.

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