Saturday, April 25, 2009

Born Again American?

There is a catchy music video making the rounds, called "Born Again American". Maybe it has already hit your email box. Catchy, yes, but in the same way that bait is "catchy" to fish.

"Born Again American" is the product of liberal, leftist, religion hating Norman Lear, founder of "People for the American Way". Here is a good analysis of this insidious video:

Fake Patriotism

Additionally, note that the original words, as written by Keith Carradine (another leftist) were "my bible is the Bill of Rights", as well as "my country 'tis of me". I haven't posted a link to the original video, not wanting to increase its traffic, but here is a link to Carradine's original so as to allow you to hear for yourself.

Don't contribute to this group. don't buy the merchandise, don't give them your email address, and don't pass their propaganda to others.

Yes, it is a "catchy" song, but make sure that you don't swallow the hook.

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