Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inauguration Highlight

Update: 1/23

Now we find out that this performance was the instrumental equivalent of a "Milli Vanilli lip sync". Wasn't there a ruckus made last year when the Chicoms did the same thing during the opening ceremony for the Olympics?

And to think that I thought that it was the best thing to happen during the coronation inauguration. Silly me, the whole thing was phony.


PnR said...

I think that's a tad harsh especially since I read in several places that everyone performing that day very quickly abandoned any idea of doing it live - and this group was basically told that they had no choice the day before... And perhaps it was a face saving measure but when a couple of world class musicians tell me that there is just no way to keep instruments in tune in that sort of bitter cold, then I have to defer to their expertise!

The stupid thing, to my mind, is scheduling music requiring highly precise instruments in the bitter cold of January's grip - oops, I mean, in the formerly frigid but now rapidly warming months of almost but not quite anymore winter that threaten to melt the poles and plunge the Earth into freefall mass extinction - without making adequate provision to allow these folks to do what they do better than anyone else in the world.

Jerry said...

Trust me, my ire was not directed against the musicians, but rather against the "handlers" who orchestrated (forgive the pun) this fiasco. My original post was a celebration of the beauty of the music, only to be revealed the next day as a sham, thus my update.

The "show" had to go on, even if it was a phony show. I wonder if this is a portent of things to come.