Thursday, April 10, 2008

False Prophet?

Reporting on the recent American Airlines cancellations, the AP reports the following:

One passenger, Bishop Bernard Jordan, a Harlem minister, was in a first-class line trying to catch a flight to Atlanta where he was scheduled to preach at 7 p.m. “
It would have been good to know in advance,” said Bishop Jordan, who has 4 million flight miles with American and flies to Atlanta every other week. “I would have booked with another airline.”

If you are not familiar with Bishop Bernard Jordan, he is a self-proclaimed "master prophet" who produces the most ludicrous stream of jibberish, fleecing naive suckers in his quest for fame and fortune. Wouldn't you think that this "master prophet" would have already "known in advance" that his flight would be cancelled?

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Bob said...

Like calling the psychic help line and challenging, "Guess my credit card number."